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Family Waterpark

Family Waterpark




What size is the average spray park?

Most spray parks range from 100 to 140 square meters.


What size of water line do I need?

A 50mm diameter line is recommended but it depends upon the volume of water that will be needed to run the spray park.


What pressure is needed?

Regular town pressure of 50-60 psi is all that is required. Generally, most components are regulated by a pressure reducing valve running at 20-30 psi.


Where does the water go to?

There are three options. Water from a spray park is defined as grey water. It can be drained away to a storm sewer, nearby creek or other watershed area. It can also be collected by a holding tank and reused to irrigate the nearby areas. The 3rd option is to install a water treatment system in which the water is chemically treated and recycled.


How much power do I need to run the spray park?

We have basic mechanical systems which do not require any power. The number of valves is limited on this system. The regular system, which is operated by a controller and activator, requires a single breaker in a 100 amp service.


What age group does a spray park target?

Spray parks are designed for all age groups. There is a variety of components which are specifically designed for age groups. Your design can segregate the ages to specific areas.


How much water does a spray park use?

The amount of water that you use depends on the number of components that are running at the same time. A general average is 50 gallons per minute but the system can be controlled to whatever volume you want to use. High volume and low volume nozzles make this possible as well as controlling the pressures through the solenoid valves.


What type of material are the components made of?

The main structural features are stainless steel. The accessory parts, such as leaves are either made of aluminum or plastic.


Are larger pipe diameters better?

The larger pipe diameters, 150mm, are structurally stronger and are more resistant to climbing.


What kind of paint is used?

All components are powder coated. UV inhibitors are added to prolong the surface coating.


What is the slab surface made of?

We use concrete for our slab construction. A typical installation is a 100mm thick concrete slab with 10mm rebar at 600mm each way with a granular base of 200mm. We recommend a 2-3% slope for drainage.


What do we have to do for winter maintenance?

Waterplay components come with winter plugs. Our recommendation is that all the lines be blown out in the fall with a large air compressor and that the winter plugs be installed immediately afterwards.


Do the components have to be grounded?

Yes. We run a #6 ground wire to all our components and the wire is connected to a grid or grounding pad.


What are the health regulations?

There is no set standard for spray parks but the health authorities are using pools regulations as a guideline. Potable water must be the water source. Backflow preventers must be installed on the water source line to prevent contamination of the main water feed.


What amenities should I consider?

Spray parks are a great attraction for children. Washrooms, change areas, tables, benches, garbage receptacles, overhead shade are the main considerations when planning your spray park.


Why should I build a spray park instead of a paddling pool?

As there is no standing water, a spray park does not require supervision. A daily cleaning is all that is required so maintenance is minimal. Operation of the spray park is by the controller so that operation times can be set to meet the local area needs.


Does the spray park run all day?

No. You set the running times through the controller. Each day is programmed into the controller along with operating times.


How does the spray park work?

The children make contact with the activator. It sends a signal to the controller which then runs the program. Once the program has completed it’s cycle, usually 5-10 minutes, it shuts off. The children then have to contact the activator again to start another cycle.


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